Postbiotics: The Future of Probiotics. How To Improve Your Gut Health 

Once upon a time, the digestive system was widely viewed as a pretty simple and straightforward system in our body… But if you’ve ever suffered from gut-related issues, you already know that this area of our health is anything but simple… In fact, getting to the root cause of gut and gut-related symptoms can very quickly become an incredibly frustrating and confusing process.

Our Choice: Gut Health 2021

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There are plenty of gut restoring supplements and probiotics on the market today that promise to restore the balance of your gut. Yet it can be difficult to navigate an overwhelming variety of supplements, their advertised benefits and ingredients.

We've done the work for you and compiled a review containing our top 5 choices for gut health in 2020, including a helpful guide for what to look for and what to avoid in gut health supplements.

by Primal Harvest [1]

352 Reviews

Gut Restore

USA-made in GMP-certified facility

Third Party Lab Tested

CoreBiome™️ Postbiotic

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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1. Primal Gut Restore

by Primal Harvest[1]


352 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness








USA-made in GMP-certified facility 

"No questions asked" 90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

Contains patented CoreBiome™️ Tributyrin Postbiotic for increased bioavailability 

The only product we've seen with pre, pro, and postbiotics

Comprehensive 360° approach to gut health

Combination of trademarked postbiotic and symbiotic for ultimate efficacy

Only available online

Sometimes runs out of Stock

The Bottom Line 

We have no doubt at all about the quality and efficacy of Gut Restore by Primal Harvest. It's a remarkable all-in-one gut restore formula that contains probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotic for optimal gut health and preservation. Not only the trademarked CoreBiome™️ postbiotic helps restore gut balance but it repairs gut lining preventing "leaky gut". Due to the nature of postbiotics the results can be felt after a week of use. Backed by top-notch ingredients and the 90-day money-back guarantee,  there is no reason not to try it, if it doesn't work, send it back.

The capsules are extra small, making it easy to consume every single day and reap the benefits of a healthy gut.

You'll get a highly effective supplement that will supply your body with all the much-vaunted health benefits that balanced, healthy gut can offer. Plus, you can rest assured, the quality is ensured  and backed by independent 3rd party lab tests.

Gut Restore pricing stands out, especially when you buy multiple bottles. The price drops dramatically and since continued use over months is recommended to achieve the best benefits, buying a 3-6 month supply is a no-brainer.

There’s just a small thing: they get sold out really fast. So we recommend you hurry and place your order if you are now assured that this will be beneficial to your health.

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2. Synbiotics

by BeLive

B+ Rating



Contains pre & probiotics

No corn syrup present, which is a popular sweetener is many "gummy" vitamins

Gummies are easy to chew and swallow

Contains tapioca syrup and stevia as sweeteners 

Some users reported little improvements from the product

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215 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Terraflora Deep Immune

by Enviromedica

C+ Rating



Contains pre & probiotics

Shelf-stable no need to refrigerate

Only 1 billion of viable cells

Price is a little high for what is being offered

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567 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Best Gut Health Supplements 2021

Latest update: July 29, 2021

Latest Reviews

Unique Features


Costs & More

4. Ther-Biotic® Synbiotic

by Klaire Labs

C Rating



1 capsule serving and time-released capsule

50 Billion CFU probiotics paired with prebiotic

No money back guarantee

Almost $2 per serving is a bit pricey for what is being offered in the product

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137 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






5. Probiotics & Prebiotics

by Puori

C- Rating



Very convenient powdered form can be taken with liquid or dry

Good taste when mixed with water & no sugar added

Only 2 strains of probiotic

Taking the powder dry is an unpleasant experience  also the flavoring might be unappealing to some

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567 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Your Gut Is The Cornerstone Of Your Immune System

Your gut plays a vital role in supporting your immune system and protecting you against outside factors. Over 70% of your immune system’s cells are connected to your digestive tract. Healing your gut is the first and most important step to protecting yourself against viruses and harmful bacteria.  

Your intestines are home to 10x more microorganisms than human cells in your entire body.

It may be hard to believe, but there are actually more bacterial cells in your body than human cells1. This means that technically, you are made up of more bacteria than human cells, and the majority of these bacterial cells reside in your gut. 

With up to 1,000 species of bacteria in your gut microbiome2 all playing a different role, it’s easy to see how things can get pretty complicated. 

To make things worse, some of these bacterial cells in our gut are considered “good bacteria” and others are considered “bad bacteria” (the type that can cause illness and other issues). Both types are part of your “gut microbiota,” but if this delicate balance of “good vs bad” bacteria becomes unstable, it can lead to a number of symptoms that manifest themselves in countless different ways.


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The Different Types Of Digestive Supplements

Probiotics are live good bacteria and yeasts. Probiotics are especially good for digestive system. Probiotics can help balance  "good" and "bad" bacteria to keep our bodies working the way it should. There's dozens of various probiotic strengths each one of them wiht unique benefits.


Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that acts as a food for the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics by itself doesn't do that much for your body and In order for prebiotics to be effective, your gut has to function well and have healthy good bacteria colonies.


Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes play a key role in breaking down the food you eat. These enzymes speed up the process of nutrients being transformed into substances that your gut can absorb. Unfortunately, digestive enzymes aren't that helpful if your gut is out of balance.

Synbiotics are are a combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Synbiotics create a synergy between probiotics and the specific fiber they need to feed on. Synbiotics are more complex and beneficial than just probiotics.



Newly researched gut restoring supplement containing the end result of healthy gut. Postbiotics are by far most advanced gut restore supplement that provides your gut with what probiotics and prebiotics try to achieve in one single capsule. You don't have to worry about the CFU (colony forming units), types of probiotics and prebiotics, and their unique benefits. Due to the nature of this supplement, first positive results can be felt in just 5-10 days. Postbiotic can be your best chance to restore your gut health.

What To Avoid:

Low Efficacy Probiotics 

Beware that quite a few probiotic supplements give into the fad of having as many billion CFUs as possible by using cheapest and least effective probiotic strains. This is another great reason to consider postbiotics if you aren't sure what type of probiotic strains you need.

Detox Supplements

Detox supplements usually contain some sort of form of laxatives followed by greens powder and/or a dietary plan. If your gut is non in optimal condition the detox regiment can flush out the remainder of good bacteria in your stomach further irritating and inflaming the gut.

Bone Broth Supplements

Specifically, Type 1 bone broth collagen. There are no scientific studies on the topic of bone broth supplements and gut health nor does there appear to be any reason why they would work for gut health.

Extremely Low or High Price

Do your research before buying an overpriced or suspiciously cheap supplement. Do not cut corners for your gut health.

All Health Starts In Your Gut

Bloating, constipation, indigestion? Acne or other skin issues? It may be stemming from your gut. Weak immune system? It may also be related to your gut. Brain fog and mood swing? You guessed right - This can also be tied to an imbalanced gut. And the list goes on...

In recent years, researchers and the medical community have become increasingly interested in exploring the gut and its role in so many major areas of our health. But the truth is that we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to truly understanding the immensely complex connection between gut microbiome health and its impact on our overall well-being.

What Exactly Is Your Gut Microbiome?

Whenever you see the term “gut microbiome,” it’s referring to all of the microbes (good and bad) living within your intestines. When properly balanced, your intestinal microflora (your gut) fights off harmful bacteria that can cause illness and other health concerns.

The entirety of these gut microbes altogether act as an independent organ that impacts your health in a number of important ways. 

Having a “healthy gut” means that you have a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. These microbes are essential for helping your body fight off harmful viruses and pathogens, absorb energy from food, eliminate toxins, and produce important mood-boosting brain chemicals.

Why Are Gut-Related Issues So Widespread?

Simply put, our modern lifestyles have been wreaking havoc on our gut microbiota for years. As we eat more and more processed and sugary foods, experience more stress, sleepless, are more sedentary and ingest more prescription medications than ever before (particularly antibiotics), our gut health continues to decline on a large scale.

Poor diet choices can also ultimately lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria in our guts, as well as damage the strength of our gut barrier. From where the bad bacteria can leak into the bloodstream and get distributed to the entire body.

How To Restore Your Gut Health

Obvious solutions like changing your diet, sleeping more, avoiding stressful situations, exercising, and avoiding sugar might sound simple but aren't always as easy to follow through. Luckily that's where supplements such as probiotics and prebiotics come in hand. Probiotics and prebiotics can:

  • Help us digest our food better

  • Support our intestinal wall

  • Help our gut bacteria, aka microbiome

  • Restore the balance in your gut

Probiotics + Prebiotics = Postbiotics

But did you know that there’s one final step in gut maintenance that most of us haven’t even heard about?

They’re known as “postbiotics.”

Haven’t heard of this term? You’re most definitely not alone. A newer term in the science world, researchers have just recently coined this term and have begun exploring the true possibilities of postbiotics when it comes to healing the gut.

Postbiotics are what’s created when good gut bacteria feeds on prebiotic fibers. In other words, good gut bacteria + prebiotics + probiotics = postbiotics.

Postbiotics provide the end result (tributyrin) of healthy gut to provide balance to your gut.


A Guide To Our Rankings: 

How We Picked our Top Choice

After intense research, consultations & numerous customers interviewed, we found the following five products that became our top picks. 

We chose these five based on the following factors:

Evaluation Criteria

Ease of use 

Affordability / Value 

Ones-daily regimen

Impressive Results

Clearly Labeled Ingredients

Effective concentration percentage

Company Reputation

30+ Hours Researched

3 Experts Consulted

20 customers Interviewed

Helping your body fight off harmful viruses and pathogens

Helping absorb energy from food

Helping eliminate toxins

Helping produce important mood-boosting brain chemicals.