You might be surprised to learn that turmeric has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, specifically for its many anti-inflammatory health benefits. Turmeric – The Golden Root, has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine since around 500 BCE.

If you’re not familiar with Ayurvedic, the term refers to the ancient Indian method of natural healing. This practice is considered by some scholars to be the oldest healing science. The healing benefits of turmeric have been closely tied to Indian spirituality and culture for centuries and is still a large part of Ayurveda as it is practiced today.

Here’s what famous yogi and mystic Sadhguru has to say about the healing effects of turmeric from a spiritual perspective.

The “Golden Root” has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine since around 500 BCE.

Wait, Sadhguru Who?

Sadhguru is best-known as an Indian yogi, author, humanitarian, mystic (or “guru”), and prominent spiritual leader. Sadhguru’s non-profit organization, Isha Foundation, offers yoga teacher training all around the world. 

His spiritual teachings belong to no specific tradition and he combines modern pragmatism and yogic science to help people live their best life.

He is a New York Times best-selling author, and people travel from all around the world to listen to his lectures.

He has spoken at the World Economic Forum and UN Headquarters and was granted the second-highest civilian award by the Indian government in 2007 for his contributions to spirituality.

Classes around the world teach Sadhguru’s technique and philosophy

Sadhguru’s teachings on wellness incorporate a holistic approach to health and acknowledge the many moving pieces that can impact our well-being, especially the connection between mind, body, and soul.

Below are the spiritual benefits of turmeric, according to Sadhguru, excerpted from a lecture he gave at the Isha Hatha Yoga School’s 21-week Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program.

Benefit #1: Turmeric for Purification

According to Sadhguru, turmeric has many healing properties and works as a purification agent. It helps to purify the body, blood, and spiritual energy system, according to Sadhguru. Turmeric is seen as being able to bring more light and translucence to your energy field. Sadhguru uses the external example of this by illustrating how even when a turmeric solution is applied to the skin, added radiance and glow can be seen almost immediately.

According to Sadhguru, Tuermic has powerful purification properties

Benefit #2: Turmeric for Congestion

Amongst the many health benefits of turmeric, Sadhguru chooses to mention the potent ability of turmeric to help sufferers of nasal congestion and those suffering from cold-related illnesses. If you suffer from chronic phlegm or congestion caused by a cold, he recommends a powerful holistic solution containing turmeric, neem (the “Wonder Leaf”), pepper, and honey.

Sadhguru says to crush around 10 to 12 peppercorns and soak them in a few spoonfuls of organic honey and turmeric overnight (at least 7-8 hours). In the morning, he recommends eating only this potent mixture, and skipping breakfast, while also chewing on the pepper in order to drastically decrease phlegm congestion.

Turmeric might be all you need to relieve painful sinus congestion

Additional tip: Sadhguru recommends avoiding dairy in general, but especially insists on this when it comes to nasal congestion or any type of related blockages in the body.  

Benefit #3: Turmeric for Disease Prevention 

Sadhguru’s spiritual approach to serious illnesses such as cancer is interestingly a bit different from the Western medical community. Sadhguru views cancer as a result of the cells in your body turning against you and sees this as a prime example of how the body can take action against you.

In relation to this, Sadhguru does have some advice on how to keep your body working for you rather than turning on you.

First, he recommends taking turmeric each morning on an empty stomach.

Since turmeric can be a highly effective cleanser, swallowing a marble-sized turmeric ball first thing in the morning is said to help move some of these dangerous cells from the body, according to Sadhguru.

Starting your day with turmeric, dry or in a delicious “Golden Milk” could supercharge your body’s defenses

Secondly, he recommends periodic fasting. Periodic cleansing and fasting have a long and important part of traditional yogic philosophy, and it is believed that doing so allows the body to detoxify and rid itself of disease-causing influences.

Benefit #4: Turmeric and Spirituality

In his philosophy, Sadhguru teaches that everything, including our bodies, is only borrowed from the Earth, and that we all possess a certain amount of inertia within us. In order to maintain a healthy body and mind, Sadhguru instructs that it’s important to keep inertia levels as low as possible.

We can achieve this by consuming foods and spices such as turmeric that affect our cellular structure in such a way that energy can penetrate our cells effectively. This allows the energy we are creating to be used by us effectively as we choose and according to Sadhguru, will help create greater possibility within our bodies. In other words, Sadhguru is saying that turmeric offers physical support that can help us advance our spiritual goals, whatever they might be.

Additional tip: For this purpose, Sadhguru recommends drinking turmeric and neem in lukewarm, light honey water. This, he says, is a wonderful way of cleansing the cellular structure in a manner that is best able to absorb energy.

What Do You Think of Sadhguru’s Teachings?

Agree with Sadhguru or not, there are definitely some very real truths to the benefits turmeric has on your body. This powerful and natural anti-inflammatory can not only help your body maintain healthy inflammation responses but can also support overall joint mobility and bone health, as well as support our brains, digestive tract, and heart health.

Turmeric has been proven to naturally provide anti-inflammatory benefits and much more!

Turmeric, today, is one of the most popular supplements on the market currently and has only become more powerful with the addition of BIOPERINE®, which is proven to enhance turmeric’s absorption by 2,000%.

If you are curious about the health benefits of adding a turmeric supplement to your daily regimen, check out our review of the Top Turmeric Supplements of 2020! Or check out this article on turmeric curcumin as a superfood.

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