Our Choice: Collagen Supplements in 2024

Collagen is sold everywhere these days... But which ones stand out? We've narrowed down our choices for collagen supplements for skin, hair, and joints. Ready to discover which is right for you? Read on!

About 30%

of the protein in your body is collagen.[1]

Approx. 70-80%

of the dry weight of your skin is collagen. [2]

We lose 1% per year

after age 40 [2,3]

Collagen and skin care seem to go hand in hand these days, and if you’re thinking about taking collagen for skin, you're not alone. More and more people are using collagen for its many skin care benefits. It’s no wonder the collagen market has exploded with a huge mass of collagen products from collagen supplements to collagen cream for skin.

Before we look at the top collagen supplements for skin, let’s dive into some basics that are important to know when adding this skin-boosting supplement to your routine…

What is collagen?

Simply put, collagen is a protein that forms the connective tissue all over our bodies. It makes up about 70-80% of the dry weight of your skin and can help keep it looking supple and smooth. [2]

It is also found in bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons, and plays an important role in maintaining healthy-looking skin and hair as well as supporting bone and joint health and maintaining muscle mass to help keep you active and fit.

Why your body needs collagen

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen plays a key role in skin elasticity, hydration, and texture. Basically, it is what keeps your skin from sagging and helps to maintain that glowy, plump, youthful appearance.

In fact, many studies have found that collagen supplements have the ability to noticeably restore skin elasticity, hydration, and density after just three months of consistent use. [4]

These studies reported that because the collagen peptides were able to reach deeper layers of the skin, the supplements created “long-lasting and cosmetically relevant regeneration of the skin.” [4]

But here’s the most important thing you need to know about collagen for skin:

The older you get, the more collagen you need.

As you age, the less collagen your body produces. By your mid-20s it starts to decline. By 40, it’s down 25% and, by 60, it can decrease by more than 50%. This can lead to a loss of skin elasticity, sagging, and more visible fine lines and wrinkles. [2,3]

Taking a collagen supplement may help to maintain healthy collagen levels, especially as you age.

BUT - be sure to choose a collagen supplement that is hydrolyzed. This means that the collagen is already ‘broken down’ so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. The end result is what’s referred to as collagen peptides.

Taking a collagen supplement may help to maintain healthy collagen levels, especially as you age.

BUT - be sure to choose a collagen supplement that is hydrolyzed. This means that the collagen is already ‘broken down’ so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. The end result is what’s referred to as collagen peptides.

Best types of collagen for your hair, skin, and joints

When it comes to collagen supplements there are five main types of collagen, types I, II, III, V, and X. Although each of them is linked to different wellness benefits, there are two collagen types that are the key for collagen production as you age:

Type I

This is the most abundant collagen in the human body, found in skin, bone, ligaments, and even teeth. Type I collagen is the primary building block of your skin, and may support skin elasticity and hydration. Bovine collagen is a common source of type I collagen. [3,4]

Type III

Usually associated with type I collagen, these two types make up the two most commonly-found types in our body. Also highly beneficial for supporting skin health, type III collagen makes up a large part of our skin and organs. Bovine collagen is also a source of type III collagen.[3]


  • Reduce the look of crepey, sagging skin
  • Support skin hydration
  • Help minimize the appearance of fine lines
  • Support skin elasticity
  • Promote healthy, dewy-looking skin
  • Support hair thickness and density
  • Encourage lean muscle and faster metabolism
  • Support join health and an active lifestyle

Note: Individual results may vary.

What To Look For In A Collagen Supplement

Choose only grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine or sustainably-sourced seafood collagen.
Look for at least 8g of collagen per serve with no additives or flavors!
Hydrolyzed collagen peptides mean the amino acids have been broken down for super easy digestion and absorption.
Most of the off-the-shelf collagen supplements tend to taste bad and do not mix well. Try to find a collagen you'll be glad to consume every morning!
The best combination if you’re looking to target aging and sagging skin.

TIP: Did you know that a high-quality collagen powder can make a great addition to your morning coffee or tea?

Premium collagen powders have no flavor and dissolve easily into any drink - hot or cold.

This makes it easy to add to your daily wellness routine which means better results!

What You Should Avoid In A Collagen Supplement

These nasty additions can cause all kinds of damage and cause weight gain.
Added to extend shelf life, artificial preservatives fill your body with unwanted, harmful chemicals.
The ugly truth is, most “natural flavors” are chemically made and disguised as healthy by marketers.
Used to bulk up products, soy fillers can negatively impact important vitamins and minerals in your body.
Top Collagen Supplements of 2024
Primal Collagen
by Primal Harvest
Primal Collagen
by Primal Harvest
Collagen Peptides
by Vital Proteins
Primal Collagen
by Primal Harvest
Primal Collagen
by Primal Harvest
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Types I and III Collagen
Non-GMO Bovine
Dissolves/Mixes Well*
Neutral Flavor*
Over 5g Protein
No Sweeteners
No More Than 45 mg Sodium
What To Avoid
Important Criteria
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Third Party Tested
Subscription Service
*We try to update product information as often as we can. Please visit product websites for more information.
*Based on the individual experience of the Smarter Choices team and on a number of user reviews of the product.
What To Look For
by Primal Harvest[1]
  • BEST FOR: skin, hair, nails and joints*
  • SOURCED FROM: Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine
  • FLAVOR: Neutral
  • MIXABILITY: Excellent
  • Made in the USA from certified non-GMO, grass-fed bovine
  • With types I and III collagen
  • Diverse amino acid profile
  • Unflavored, easiest-to-dissolve powder thanks to GelcoPep® Technology
  • With 9 g of protein and 20 mg calcium
  • “No questions asked” 90 day money back guarantee
  • Only available online
  • Due to popularity, sometimes runs out of stock


Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest is sourced from the highest-quality grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. It provides a full spectrum of hydrolyzed types I and III collagen and essential amino acids to help support aging skin. (Though as an extra perk it also provides all-around support for your hair, nails, joints, bones, muscles, and gut.)*

This formula dissolves quickly and easily thanks to cutting-edge GelcoPEP® technology. This makes it convenient to stir into any liquid of your choice, from your morning coffee to smoothies and juice. You can even shake it in a shaker for when you're on-the-go. Each scoop provides you with 10g of ultra-premium hydrolyzed collagen, 20 mg calcium, and is packed with amino acids.

We have no doubt about its quality and efficacy. Backed by scientific research, top-notch ingredients and the strong money-back guarantee, we are confident our #1 pick is the only collagen supplement needed.

Primal Collagen's pricing stands out, especially when you sign up for a subscription or buy multiple bags at once. Not only does this save you money and effort but since continued use over months is recommended to achieve the maximum benefits, signing up for a subscription is a no-brainer. It makes getting your daily collagen hassle-free, plus you never have to worry about running out halfway through the month.

2. Multi Collagen
by Primal Harvest[1]
  • BEST FOR: Hair, skin, and nails
  • SOURCED FROM: Bovine, marine, chicken, and eggshell membrane
  • FLAVOR: Neutral
  • Supports 5 collagen types
  • Collagen from 4 food sources
  • Hydrolyzed collagen for better absorption
  • Dissolves well
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Fairly priced and made in the USA
  • Only sold online
  • Sometimes runs out of stock


BeautyLux Beauty Multi Collagen is our number two pick. These unflavored collagen peptides are formulated from bovine, marine, chicken, and eggshell membrane collagen to support hair, skin, and nail health. This premium powder features collagen types I, II, III, V, and X which are sustainably sourced from cage-free chickens, grass-fed cows, and kosher, North Atlantic fish.

Each once-a-day serving contains 7.8 g of hydrolyzed collagen which can easily be added to any liquid of your choice, making this collagen supplement easy to add to your daily routine. As an added perk, the formula also contains 7 g of protein for an extra beauty boost.

Our team liked the fact that these collagen peptides dissolved quickly and left zero unpleasant aftertaste (making it a great addition to our morning coffee!). BeautyLux’s Multi Collagen is also non-GMO and gluten-free, which means that it's suitable for a wide range of people.

3. Collagen Peptides
by Vital Proteins
  • BEST FOR: Gut and joints
  • COLLAGEN TYPES: Unspecified
  • SOURCED FROM: Grass-fed bovine
  • FLAVOR: Neutral (slightly salty)
  • Certified Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • Made in the USA
  • High in sodium
  • Unspecified collagen type


Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins is formulated with 20g of grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen.

Like our number one choice, Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest, the Vital Proteins formula is easy to use. However, it falls into third place because they do not specify which type of collagen their Collagen Peptides contain. This may mean that it won't meet the needs of all consumers.

Although this unflavored formula is a solid choice for a collagen, it was disappointing that it has a relatively high sodium content. This is definitely not ideal for those watching their sodium intake. It also makes the product less versatile.

Additionally, this product is not certified as non-GMO.

4. Multi Collagen Protein
by Ancient Nutrition
  • BEST FOR: Gut, joints, and hair
  • SOURCED FROM: Bovine, eggshell membrane, chicken, fish
  • FLAVOR: Neutral
  • With probiotics and vitamin C
  • Neutral Flavor
  • Grass Fed bovine collagen
  • Expensive entry price point
  • Poor dissolvability into warm liquids


Ancient Nutrition's Multi Collagen Protein is a pretty solid choice for a collagen supplement. It contains 10g of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop. Their collagen is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen, and like our top choice, is also non-GMO.

We liked that it had a relatively neutral flavor which made it easier to drink when added to other beverages. Although it dissolved fairly easily into cold drinks, we still found that it took longer to dissolve than other collagen powders we tested. Many consumers also reported that it did not dissolve as easily into warm drinks.

This would otherwise have been a great choice, but the pricing of this product knocks off a few points in our opinion. It’s a shame that this product has a pretty steep entry price point.

5. Super Youth Collagen
by SkinnyFit
  • BEST FOR: Joints, hair, and skin
  • SOURCED FROM: Bovine, fish
  • FLAVOR: Chocolate (complaints of fishy aftertaste)
  • Variety of collagen types
  • Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine and wild-caught fish collagen
  • Users complained of fishy flavor
  • Doesn't Mix Well


Super Youth Collagen by SkinnyFit includes 7.8g of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop, sourced from grass-fed bovine collagen and fish collagen. The container consists of 58 servings of chocolate-cake flavored collagen powder.

Although we liked that the formula includes a range of collagen types, many consumers found that the chocolate flavor was not enough to cover the fishy aftertaste of the fish collagen. We also found that the product did not dissolve as easily as the other products on this list and resulted in a clumpy liquid. Additionally, we enjoy the versatility of unflavored, neutral-tasting collagen peptide powders like that of our number one choice. We find that they are easier to implement into a regular daily routine as they can be added to any drink of choice.

Another downside of this product was in its pricing as it had a high entry price point and many consumers complained that the product did not deliver the promised 58 servings.

Our Choice
  • by Primal Harvest [1]
    • US made with Premium Ingredients
    • Packed With Amino Acids
    • Powerful GMO Free Collagen
    • Sourced from Grass-Fed Bovine
    • Free Shipping on Orders over $75
Based on 3739 Reviews of Primal Harvest


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