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Latest update: October 1, 2021

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Do Multivitamins really work? 

Here's how to spot the ultimate multivitamin formula for optimal health and immunity!

If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, most of us don’t follow a perfectly healthy diet all the time.

In our busy, modern lives, we simply have too much to do and too little time to worry about getting the right amounts of daily vitamins and minerals.

Why is this important?

A number of recent studies have found that the majority of Americans are lacking many of the key vitamins and minerals required for good health and strong immune function.  

Top Multivitamins 2021

1. Primal Multivitamin

by Primal Harvest [1]


1533 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

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Made in the USA 

"No questions asked" 90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

Contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K & more vital minerals 

High Dosage of Zinc

Easy to Swallow Capsules

Certified Safety & Purity Testing

Only Available Online

Sometimes runs out of Stock

The Bottom Line 

Primal Multivitamin by Primal Harvest features high levels of premium vitamins and minerals for optimal energy, mental clarity, improved mood, better sleep, and strengthened immunity. Big stand-out superstars include lutein, lycopene, a complete vitamin blend, and citrus bioflavonoid complex for added antioxidant power. This vitamin is a comprehensive approach to supporting overall wellness and preventing nutritional deficiencies with its premium, easy-to-swallow capsules.

Primal Harvest’s Primal Multivitamin contains no unnecessary fillers, synthetic additives, hidden or artificial ingredients, and is the top-rated choice for quality, bioavailability, and effectiveness. It was also one of the very few products to include independent third-party lab testing, and is made in the USA in a GMP-registered facility.

This multivitamin features superior value and quality at a reasonable price point. Their top-notch customer service scores and generous 90-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee is indicative of a brand that stands behind their customers and the quality of their products. When compared to other top competitors, the Primal Multivitamin by Primal Harvest was unrivaled in effectiveness, quality, safety, value, and customer service.

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2. One Daily Multivitamin


B+ Rating



No Soy, Gluten, or Preservatives

Comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals 

1 pill serving size & made with natural ingredients 

Inconsistent quality control

Some bottles were missing the safety seal when purchased new

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372 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






3. Two Per Day Multivitamin

by Life Extension

C+ Rating



Low price for a high-quality product

Non-GMO with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee

The cotton within the bottle was often stained with an yellow substance

Some bottles had a very offensive smell to the capsules

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567 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






4. Adult Multi

by Country Life

C Rating



Good Price Point 

Chewable wafer

Manufactured with renewable energy 

Some users were turned off by the taste

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937 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






Misleading kosher claim as it is not verified by a reputable agency

5. Orange Triad

by Controlled Labs

C Rating



Iron Free

45 Servings

Made in USA GMP Facility

Products claims to be "Top Athlete Approved" but is not verified

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248 votes


Ingredient Quality Control

Potency & Estimated Efficacy

Price / Customer Value

Return Policy

Overall Customer Happiness






6 tablet serving site

Best Overall

Read Review

by Primal Harvest [1]

1834 Reviews

Primal Multivitamin

US made with Premium Ingredients

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Easy to Swallow Capsules

Made in a GMP Certified facility

Free Shipping on Orders over $75

2,367 people chose this today

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Did you know that approximately 92% of Americans are believed to be lacking at least one or more key nutrients?

According to surveys, some examples of these essential vitamins and minerals include magnesium, iron, and vitamins D, E, K, C, and A.

And although many deficiencies are largely caused by our modern lifestyles, other factors such as pregnancy, menopause, and certain chronic conditions can also leave us at an increased risk.

In other words, if you’re not feeling your best, there’s a good chance you may be in need of some extra nutritional support.

Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiency: 

Brittle, weak hair and nails*

Fatigue and low motivation*

Hair loss or thinning hair*

Frequent illness*

Impaired brain function*

*Always consult your personal physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
*These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Muscle weakness*

Restless leg syndrome or muscle cramps*

Frequent migraines or headaches*

Bleeding gums or mouth ulcers*

Patchy, flaky skin*











So what can be done to prevent these nutritional deficiencies and eliminate the fatigue, mental fog, and lack of vitality that all too often impact our lives?

Multivitamins continue to be the top go-to choice for adults looking to support their general wellness and fill gaps in their daily nutrition.

According to a 2017 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, an estimated 73% of supplement consumers reported taking a multivitamin, making it the most popular supplement in any category.

Although a healthy lifestyle and balanced whole foods diet should always remain the top priority, the right multivitamin can act as a nutritional “safety net” for optimal health, by filling in the essential elements we consistently fall short on.

*Individual results may vary

Support Healthy Aging & Longevity*

Strengthen Immune Defenses*

Increase Energy Levels*

Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies*

Boost Mood & Mental Clarity*

Decrease Unhealthy Food Cravings*

Improve Hair & Skin Quality*

Enhance Overall Sense of Wellness*

Protect Eye & Heart Health*

A High-Quality Multivitamin Can Help To...

It’s generally recommended to choose a multivitamin that is specifically tailored to your individual dietary needs. In addition, certain groups of people are usually considered to be at a much higher risk for vitamin deficiencies and may want to be extra diligent when choosing a multivitamin product.

Pregnant women (or women planning on becoming pregnant): 

The period of time leading up to, during, and after pregnancy are all crucial times for additional dietary support. Since pregnant women have increased nutritional needs, a prenatal multivitamin with specific vitamins and minerals may be recommended as part of a healthy pregnancy plan.

Groups Who Should Consider a Multivitamin:

Adults over 50: 

Nutritional requirements and risk of deficiencies increase with age (especially after 50) as stomach acid production decreases and it becomes more difficult to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients from food alone.

Vegans and vegetarians: 

Vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iron, and zinc are just some of the essential elements that can be easily missed in a vegan or vegetarian diet if individuals are not mindful of balanced nutritional planning.

Adults eliminating entire food groups:

 Adults suffering from various food intolerances (such as lactose intolerance), food allergies, or limited diet plans are generally at a higher risk for nutritional deficiencies, and therefore, are usually advised to add a daily multivitamin to their routine.

Individuals diagnosed with certain conditions: 

Certain illnesses and prescription medications can deplete the body of important vitamins and affect nutrient absorption, such as celiac disease, colitis, and chronic digestive disorders. In these cases, the individual’s doctor may recommend a daily multivitamin as a preventative measure for good health.

Choosing the Right Multivitamin for You

In recent years, the effectiveness of multivitamins has become somewhat of a hot topic as many people debate whether or not these supplements can truly benefit your overall health.

The short answer to this question is, yes - If you choose a high-quality one that covers all your bases!  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), multivitamin minerals (also known as MVM’s) do have an overall positive effect on nutritional adequacy, as well as the intake of micronutrients.

But don’t run to your local grocery store to pick one up just yet. With multivitamins being the most popular and widely consumed of all supplements, there’s unfortunately been a steady rise in poor quality, ineffective products being introduced on the market that don’t deliver on their promises.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: 
All Multivitamins are NOT Created Equal

When it comes to supporting overall health and feeling your absolute best, it’s essential to do your homework and learn how to choose the right multivitamin for you.

So how can you be sure that you’re investing in an effective multivitamin supplement that will actually deliver powerful support?

Since multivitamin supplements are not directly regulated by the FDA, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to decipher which supplement brands offer safe, effective, and high-quality options.

Fortunately, we’ve done the homework for you, so that you never risk wasting your hard-earned money on a low value, misleading, or potentially dangerous products.

Based on expert advice, clinical studies, in-depth research, and honest feedback from informed shoppers, here are the top considerations to look out for when choosing a multivitamin:

The Results: How We Picked Our Top Choice

We’ve carefully reviewed the multivitamin supplements available on the market today, examining customer reviews, conducting in-depth research, and surveying numerous consumers of top brands. 

Here are our top picks: 

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Vitamin D


Vitamin E


Vitamin K


Vitamin C


Vitamin A

So do multivitamins really work? And are they worth the investment?

Multivitamin Must-Haves:

Appropriate Daily Values: Look for multivitamins containing high levels of key vitamins and minerals for general wellness (generally about 100% or more of the recommended daily value) and a reasonable daily serving (1-2 vitamins daily). It’s important to make sure your multivitamin includes valuable ingredients in the optimal amounts for human health. When in doubt, always consult with your healthcare provider.

Essential Micronutrients: In order to keep your body functioning at its best, your multivitamin should include important micronutrients, such as biotin, riboflavin, and niacin. Avoid multivitamins promoting additional micronutrients with no recommended daily values listed on the label.

Immune-Supporting Ingredients: Zinc, folic acid, selenium, and vitamins C, D, B6, A, and E are crucial components of any multivitamin because they are essential to strong immune function. If you’re looking to keep your body’s immune defenses strong and avoid illness, don’t forget to look for these ingredients on the label before making your final decision

Vitamin B-12 For Energy and Neurological Function: This important B vitamin is another must-have in a high-quality multivitamin, due to its role in energy production and red blood cell formation. Vitamin B-12 has been shown to help improve energy levels, neurological function, hair/skin/nail quality, mood, and more.

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex: Help protect your cells from free radical damage and oxidation by choosing a multivitamin with a bioflavonoid complex. The antioxidant properties of citrus bioflavonoids have been found to promote healthy circulation, increase capillary strength, protect collagen, and promote joint, immune, and cognitive health.

What To Avoid in Your Multivitamin:

Lack of Safety Testing and Certifications: Avoid multivitamins without proper purity certifications and opt instead for supplements manufactured in the USA in GMP-certified facilities, that offer third-party lab testing upon request. This guarantees that the product has no traces of heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, or other harmful substances and that it was manufactured to the highest supplement standards.

Harmful Artificial Binders, Unnecessary Additives, or Synthetic Fillers: You want to ensure you’re getting 100% premium, highly concentrated ingredients in their purest form, with no unnecessary synthetic fillers, added artificial additives, or synthetic fillers. Look out for artificial coloring, polyethylene glycol (PEG), carrageenan, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, and petroleum byproducts, just to name a few.

Unproven Ingredients: With so much misinformation out there today, it’s better to stick to ingredients that have been clinically-proven and avoid trendy ingredients and marketing schemes that add no guaranteed value.

False Claims or Misleading Labels: Always remember to read the label carefully when choosing a multivitamin and look for total transparency. Always avoid products promising “miracle cures’ to illnesses or promoting unrealistic or outlandish claims. Remember, real long-term health support requires consistency and time!

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