Which Collagen Protein is Most Effective in 2023?

Discover which is right for you, the science you must know, and why trusting what’s on the label isn’t always a good idea…

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the non-stop buzz about collagen peptides.

People everywhere are hailing them as a revolutionary “Fountain of Youth Supplement”. It’s the reason they’re a must-have part of the daily rituals of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston.

As the world opens its eyes to “Peptide Power”, new brands spring up almost daily. Consumer choice is great. But with all the bright lights advertising, it can be almost impossible to tell the difference between premium products and phoney powders.

To help you make a smart, informed decision, our team spent months researching collagen peptide brands on the market. We found clear standouts – and many that you should avoid at all costs. Ready to discover which is right for you? Read on!

Our Pick: Best Collagen  2023

Latest update: December 28, 2022

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Why Your Body Craves Collagen

Decades of scientific research tells us that collagen is essential to every function in the body. It’s like the biological secret for feeling revitalized and energized. All told, it makes up to 35% of all the protein in your body. It’s everywhere. In your muscles, joints, skin, bones and digestive system.
Everyone wants to maintain their youth. And collagen really is like your body’s fountain of youth.

Collagen plays a major role in everything from a glowing complexion, smoothing out wrinkles, gorgeous skin tone, bone and joint health, digestive function and lean muscle development.

The Amazing ‘Whole Body’ Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides

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Support and strengthen bone and joint health

Holistic Health from Easy-to-Digest Collagen

Normally, to take care of your health in a holistic way takes hundreds of dollars every month.

But, with the right collagen peptides, you get a multitude of benefits in a few scoops. Key is to find a product with all the 5 major sources of collagen.

We found clear standouts – and many that you should avoid at all costs. Ready to discover which is right for you?

The Older You Get, The More Collagen You Need

Here’s the unfortunate biological reality though: the older you get, the less collagen your body produces. By your mid-20s it starts to decline. By 40, it’s down 25% and, by 60, it will decrease by more than 50%.

So, as your body produces less collagen each day that goes by, your skin becomes less firm, your hair thins, your joints, bones and muscles lose strength, and your digestive system function decreases.

Collagen Peptides – The Simple Way to Give Your Body the Vital Collagen it Needs

So, research makes it crystal clear why collagen is vital to whole-body health. But getting enough in your body from food alone is extremely difficult. That’s why health practitioners around the world are recommending collagen peptides.

Just one look at the incredible benefits makes it easy to see why collagen peptides are considered a revitalizing, “whole body” supplement.

Help glowing skin health and elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles

Boost and balance gut health and support appetite control

Promote healthy, strong hair and nails

Encourage lean muscle and faster metabolism

Strengthen immune function and reliance

Aids in the improvement of blood circulation

Note: Collagen peptides are super gentle on your stomach. In fact collagen can help with gut problems

What to Look for in a Collagen Peptide

(And What You Absolutely MUST Avoid)

We’ve lost count of the number of collagen peptides on the market today. It’s nothing short of overwhelming!

If you’re like many of our readers, you’re certain you need collagen peptides in your diet. But it’s a nightmare choosing which one is right for you. Fear not, we’ve got your back! Here’s what to look for…

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by Primal Harvest [1]

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Primal Collagen

US made with Premium Ingredients

Packed with Amino Acids

Powerful Hydrolyzed Collagen

Sourced from Grass-Fed Beef

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1. Primal Collagen

by Primal Harvest [1]





Made in the USA with premium quality full spectrum collagen

"No questions asked" 90 day Money-Back-Guarantee

Unflavored, easiest to dissolve powder

Made from certified grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine

Only the purest bovine collagen with GelcoPEP® technology.

Diverse amino acid profile to boost your health and energy

Only Available Online

Sometimes runs out of Stock

The Bottom Line 

Primal Collagen peptides by Primal Harvest is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. It provides a full spectrum of collagen to ensure a natural, and best unflavored source to help improve hair, skin, nails, joint, bones, and gut.

But they didn’t stop there. They made sure their collagen would mix instantly due to GelcoPEP® technology. By Choosing Primal Harvest you'll get a highly effective supplement that will supply your body with all the much-vaunted health benefits of the collagen peptides.

We have no doubt about its quality and efficacy. Backed by scientific research, top-notch ingredients and the strong money-back guarantee, we are confident our #1 pick is the only collagen supplement needed. 

Primal Collagen peptide pricing stands out especially when you buy multiple bottles. The price drops dramatically and since continued use over months is recommended to achieve the best benefits, buying a 3-6 month supply is a no-brainer.

There’s just a small thing: they get sold out really fast. So we recommend you hurry and place your order if you are now assured that this will be beneficial to your health.

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Make a Smarter Choice

2. Multi Collagen

by BeautyLux[1]



Supports 5 collagen types

Collagen from 4 food sources

Hydrolyzed collagen for better absorption

Dissolves quickly

No unpleasant aftertaste

Non-GMO and gluten-free

Fairly priced and made in the USA

Only sold online

Sometimes runs out of stock

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3. Collagen Peptides

by Vital Proteins



Made in the USA

Gluten and dairy-free 

Certified grass-fed bovine collagen 

High in sodium

Unspecified collagen type

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4. Multi Collagen Protein

by Ancient Nutrition



Certified grass-fed bovine collagen 

Neutral flavor

With probiotics & vitamin C

Expensive Entry Price Point

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Poor dissolvability into warm liquids 

5. Super Youth Collagen

by SkinnyFit



Variety of collagen types

Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine and wild-caught fish collagen

Users complained of fishy flavor

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Doesn't Mix Well

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What To Avoid:

Artificial Sweeteners & Added Sugar

These nasty additions can cause all kinds of damage and cause weight gain.

"Natural" Flavors

The ugly truth is, most “natural flavors” are chemically made and disguised as healthy by marketers.

Artifical Preservatives

Added to extend shelf life, artificial preservatives fill your body with unwanted, harmful chemicals.

Soy-based Fillers

Used to bulk up products, soy fillers can negatively impact important vitamins and minerals in your body.

Must Haves

Choose only grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine or sustainably-sourced seafood collagen.

Purity & Quality

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides mean the amino acids have been broken down for super easy digestion and absorption.

Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

A Full Spectrum Collagen Combination (Type I & III)

The best combination for overall health benefits that make up 90% of the collagen in your body.

Look for at least 8g of collagen per serve with no additives or flavors!

Potency & Strength

Flavour & Mixability

Most of the Off-the-shelf collagen supplements tend to taste bad and do not mix well. Try to find a collagen you'll be glad to consume every morning!.